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Everything about regulations of iGaming in Canada


We are in the industry of igaming since its launch by providing a clear picture of the regulatory information and happenings in the gambling industry which have taken its turn online. Along with being leaders in providing perfect news, we are a group of experts consisting of both technical and nontechnical people.

Our technical expertise allows for you to gain information about iGaming on various websites across Canada and permissible intra-provincial games. They check their authorizations and locations are verified technically say for instance through their IP address etc. These are our online experienced expert staff. All questions, not just safety measures but accessing online portals for gaming safely, addressing your risks or losses which are illegal are done by these experts. We as a team are available round the clock over the internet. You may also walk into our offices for some legal documentation queries if any exist at all outside the internet which is very rare. We taking pride in a transparent relationship with customers.

Our non-technical expertise checks for regular updates about iGaming in the industry of online gaming and upload those on our pages at relevant areas. They make sure the information are valid and are legal. Any differences are welcome and open for criticism. Our editors and reports are gamblers themselves on a regular basis and are mostly residents of Canada hence the safety is best assured with the best practices across the world. They know the terminologies of the gambling world and are well versed with the tricky situations of the game which may lead a new comer to risk. So we are here to help at any point of time. We are just a phone call away.

If your seeking information on everything about regulations of iGaming in Canada, then you are at the right place which is fit to give you complete and truthful information without misguiding you.